Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Apologizing for not being able to get online or keep in contact with anyone at the moment. This Rome center orientation schedule is pretty packed, and when I have do have a second of free time (which in the past few days has been about an hour total) the internt is not working. Seriously. Hopefully when school starts I'll able to get online more, and I'll definitely have more free time.

At this moment I'm in Matera, a gorgeous city in southern Italy, writing from the hotel lobby. Will show amazing pictures, plus stories about other adventures, when I get back and am able to upload photos on my own computer (and actually figure out how to get on the wireless internet. They make that way too complicated...)

Anyway, much love to everyone reading,

p.s. international keyboards are a paaaaain to get used to. Sheeesho.


  1. Seriously, how the fuck are you typing so eloquently. And why is it such a pain in the ass to comment.

  2. Because blogger likes to make commenting an adventure! So keep commenting :D